Sample Menu







Butts $45, hand pulled

Boneless butt (approx 10# precooked) Hickory smoked with our own Rubbin’ ButtsTM rub. Each will make about 15-20 sandwiches, includes your choice of 8oz. Memphis Sweet, Vinegar or Pineapple Habanero sauce on side

Bainbridge BBQ Chicken $5 per half (order must be in increments of 25 halves)

Cooked over charcoal, basted with Bainbridge BBQ chicken sauce (Our signature white, vinegar sauce). Can be quartered at no extra cost. Includes extra sauce.

Baconized chicken thighs $2 each, minimum order of 25

Boneless, skinless thighs, stuffed with apple, wrapped in bacon, smoked, sauced

Bainbridge BBQ chicken breasts $65 serves 25

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, CHOICE- marinated and grilled in Bainbridge BBQ chicken sauce (Our signature white, vinegar sauce) or grilled with our own Rubbin’ ButtsTM rub

Baby Back Ribs $60 for 3 whole slabs

Serves about 9 people. Dry rubbed with our own Rubbin’ ButtsTM rub and Hickory smoked and sauced. Can be served dry or wet

Beef Brisket- ask for pricing

Hickory smoked, dry rubbed with our own Smokin’ BeefTM rub.

BBQ Hamburgers $70 serves 25

Hand formed beef patties, cooked in a BBQ sauce gravy. Rolls are included

Lasagna $60 serves 18

Made with ground beef, sausage and 3 cheeses

Brunswick Stew $60 serves 25

Chicken and Dumplings $45 serves 25


Baked Beans $50 serves 25

Our beans are not fixed up Bush’s beans, they have 6 different beans and 3 meats

Homemade Mac-n-cheese $45 serves 25

Smoked Poppers $1.25 each minimum order of 20

Jalapenos stuffed with cheddar and cream cheese, mini cheddar brats, wrapped in bacon.

Seasoned green beans $15 serves 25

Glazed carrots and snow peas $20 serves 25

Green bean casserole $30 serves 25

Vegetable cheese bake $30 serves 25

Pasta shells, green beans, carrots and cauliflower in a cheese sauce

Cheese hash brown casserole $40 serves 25

Loaded mashed potatoes $30 serves 25


Loaded baked potato salad $50 serves 25

Sour cream based, baked potatoes, bacon, green onion, cheese

Classic potato salad $35 serves 25

Mayo based salad

Cucumber salad $40 serves 25

Cucumbers and onion in creamy dressing

Tuna macaroni salad $50 serves 25

Mayo based salad with tuna, egg and pasta shells

Shrimp macaroni salad $55 serves 25

Mayo based salad with shrimp, egg and pasta shells

Broccoli salad $40 serves 25

Mayo based

Slaw $25 serves 25

Mayo based


Blueberry or Cherry crumb cake 9”x13” $15

Banana pudding $20 serves 25

Cheerwine cake 9”x13” $15

Everything we serve is homemade. No preservatives or MSG are added. Please ask for pricing for cooking on site or serving. Other items are available. If you don’t see it on this list, please ask.

*prices can change without notice